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stack of wedding albums on top of each other

Although a majority of our photos are digital, there is always something that reigns over me when I see printed photographs. And turning album pages always give me a nostalgic feeling because I know the memories are being relived. I can recall most of my mother’s wedding, and I still get tingles whenever I relive my own wedding […]

Albums Leave a Legacy…create one today

Seattle, WA Portrait Session: Lady in Red: Lisa’s Birthday Shoot at UW


Fun fact: Lisa and I share the same birthday! We always have so much fun shooting on or around our birthdays, and I love seeing her and her family! This year she brought along someone special 😉 can you guess who? We traipsed on foot through the campus of UW, my alma matter (which I also […]


Jamie and Andy’s wedding was so much fun from the start, and the anticipation began with New Year’s Eve. You’ll see fun highlights from their wedding: her custom shoes (she’s a professional soccer player!), a special first glance with Dad (cue the tears!), Andy’s shoe surprise at mass, and a New Year’s kiss at midnight […]

A Perfect Start to the New Year: JBLM + American Lake Wedding | Jamie and Andy

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love a Wedding Open House


Top 5 Reasons Why I love a Wedding Open House: Intimate Space: I have been to the Seattle Wedding Show. Anyone else? In case you haven’t it is a massive showcase of wedding vendors, located at the Washington State Convention Center, and a big event with a full on fashion show to top it all […]


Manu loves the ocean, and loves sailing. They both wanted to incorporate the blue backdrop and clean lines of nautical adventure in their photos, and the Shilshole Bay Marina is a place they frequent. I loved photographing their easygoing nature and had a great time with them on this beautiful sunny day! “I must be a […]

Shilshole Bay Marina | Seattle, WA | Engagement Session: Amber and Manu

Des Moines Marina, Washington | Engagement Session | Amanda and Prince


Since I’ve been updating the website, I’ve found quite a few archives that never went published. Like ever. Blogging can be a difficult thing when you’re shooting close to 40 weddings every year, and my goal this year is to share more, and more often! Amanda and Prince are a cute and quiet couple who […]


Excitement surrounds The Castle. What a beautiful day in October, landing on the eve of Halloween weekend!! Rays of sunshine and warmth stream through the branches and peek into the windows as we all get ready for the day to officially begin. Suddenly, family swarms in and heads upstairs, with Vianca in tow. I’m greeted […]

The Beginning of Hallows Eve | Lakewood, WA | Thornewood Castle Wedding: Ari and Vianca

Wedded at last in Washington | Bremerton, WA Wedding: Amber and Manu


  You can have your cake, and eat it too, I say! Amber and Manu’s wedding was so much FUN. The atmosphere, the people, the love in the air. Oh, and I forgot to mention the food. So much tasty food! Dancing was not a requirement, but seemed to come out of you naturally with the comfortable atmosphere […]


   “I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ― Lee Maynard Ah, the cool, crisp air of fall! Along with it’s essence from outside, the landscape was brought in with pumpkins, leaves, and rich vibrant colors in every decor space […]

Fall in Love at the Lake Wilderness Lodge | Maple Valley, WA Wedding | Jeremy and Ashley

Portrait Session: Elbert and Reyes Grandkids | Home Studio, Lacey, WA


Now that the holidays are over, I can finally share some of the fun gifts that we gave over the holidays!! This post is about the grandkids– which include our kids and their cousins on both sides, and the smiles these photos brought to Grammy and Grandma’s faces when they opened them up! I was […]




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