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Top 5 Reasons Why I Love a Wedding Open House

Top 5 Reasons Why I love a Wedding Open House:

  1. Intimate Space: I have been to the Seattle Wedding Show. Anyone else? In case you haven’t it is a massive showcase of wedding vendors, located at the Washington State Convention Center, and a big event with a full on fashion show to top it all off. There are a few others in the area that are similar in size, but I think this one is the biggest that I know of around here! While it is super awesome and jam packed, I think that a smaller wedding show with 50 or 60 vendors at the most have their strengths in the smaller size. Thus being the value in intimate space: It means less stress, less worry for parking, and less overwhelming!
  2. Meet Vendors: To piggyback on the size, you’ll have the opportunity to meet vendors face to face and have more time to go back to their booth for questions or planning. You won’t have to worry about walking another mile to get there, and it’ll be much easier to remember where they were at. Along with that, most of the vendors at an Open House are familiar with the area, and are likely to have worked with each other in the past, making it easier to create an established team working for you and your wedding day.
  3. Save Time: Meeting vendors gives you the opportunity to skip the “blind date” of meeting each professional photographer, DJ, caterer, etc. before your wedding. Doing this gives you the opportunity to interview professionals on the spot, and get a good first impression in person. This saves you hours of searching online, scheduling appointments, and setting aside time for phone calls on top of your already busy life!
  4. Gather Ideas: Seeing several vendors under one roof gives you the opportunity to gather ideas and inspiration for your wedding day. Maybe you were stumbling on a thought as to, “where to put this?”, or “what should I do about that?” Having the chance to meet vendors within the specialty of choice answers questions and leaves less hesitation to make decisions before your wedding day.
  5. Fun with Friends: How fun is it to plan a big event? I love planning a party, celebration, or any gathering for that matter. I know some of us don’t feel the same way about it, and that’s okay! This is where attending an open house with your close friends or family makes it a little bit easier and a whole lot more fun. Your comrades are by your side, helping problem solve and gather ideas, plans, and inspiration for you and your fiance’s day, and you are getting a lot accomplished in just a few hours! Top it off with lunch or dinner afterwards, and you’ll feel rewarded for a fun day altogether.




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