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Albums Leave a Legacy…create one today

stack of wedding albums on top of each other

Although a majority of our photos are digital, there is always something that reigns over me when I see printed photographs. And turning album pages always give me a nostalgic feeling because I know the memories are being relived. I can recall most of my mother’s wedding, and I still get tingles whenever I relive my own wedding day. Even more, days are captured and documented so often that we can quickly forget the value of a true photograph.

Well what’s the value? I am undoubtedly curious, deeming that my career is one that documents memories and portraits for a living! I have briefly started my research, and this article on visual learning tells it all:

One study found that after three days, a user retained only 10-20 percent of written or spoken information but almost 65 percent of visual information.” (

Well Christelle, still what does that mean?

That means when we print out our photographs and relive those memories, we reestablish our value. Even every morning as we pass by those printed on the wall on the way out the door. Our quality in life increases. It tells us, remember that beautiful moment, or those hugs the kids gave each other because they do love each other! Or how handsome our husbands looked on our wedding day and how he teared up as he said our vows. Those memories reestablish our value and quality in living because they remind us of what we live for, and the moments in life that make it worth it. So start today, with printing one picture or making one small book and see how it goes for you! ????

Here’s Tina and Zeb’s Wedding in an album:

See more of Tina and Zeb’s wedding on the blog here:


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