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The Beginning of Hallows Eve | Lakewood, WA | Thornewood Castle Wedding: Ari and Vianca

Excitement surrounds The Castle. What a beautiful day in October, landing on the eve of Halloween weekend!! Rays of sunshine and warmth stream through the branches and peek into the windows as we all get ready for the day to officially begin. Suddenly, family swarms in and heads upstairs, with Vianca in tow. I’m greeted heavily with love already, and I can tell this is going to be a wonderful wedding. At first Ari is unseen, but is soon found laying out table settings decorated in gothic grace.

First glance time, and deep breaths are taken amidst every step V takes as her soul mate awaits at the end of the staircase. A sea of iPhones snap the first union of these two lovebirds finally seeing each other for the first time today, and it starts to feel real.

Vows are exchanged, tears of joy roll down every cheek, and dance moves are burned on the dance floor. Laughter goes a long way, and is not sparingly used just as the love in the air is generously given to everyone in the room! Then, as we all send off A + V, the night comes to an end and the sparklers remind us of the lit up joy the day’s memory and celebration has brought all of us to keep in our hearts. <3




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